Plastic Free February

It is time for Plastic Free February!

In many ways I wish we had started with this one – as ever since Blue Planet reducing our plastic has started to build a momentum. However, shopping local already got me thinking of my plastic consumption, returning to markets with the paper bags for the veg, reusing tubs for dairy goods, and buying dry goods in bulk (in my veggie paper bags).

Going totally plastic free is perhaps tougher than we might first think. Or is it? From the research I have done, it is certainly doable – as bloggers such as Bea Johnson and Lindsay Miles share (check out their blogs for inspiration!) It is a process though – not to be started by throwing out all the plastic you have in your life, but gradually replacing it once it has been, reused, reused, and recycled.

This month’s intentions is to start this process. Start by refusing plastic, exploring alternatives. Building knowledge of waste free practices. It might not be an easy one to start, but it is an essential one to attempt.

Need motivation? The statistic that has totally blown my mind is that every toothbrush we have ever used, still exists today (this can in fact be extended to almost all plastic that hasn’t been recycled as we don’t yet know how long it will take to degrade). Every toothbrush you have ever used…

Ideas to kick off:
Get inspired with Blue Planet 2:…

Get a refillable water bottle, reusable coffee cup and reusable shopping bag, and some abeego sheets instead of tin foil.

Research shops where you can fill up directly to your jars or into paper bags.

Refuse plastic where you can. And if you can’t (it snuck its way into that biscuit box), take note for next time.

Follow this 30 day zero waste challenge:   

Read how to go plastic free: 

Read about plastic free stores:

Slow your home:

Throughout the month I will share ideas, motivations and suggestions I come across. Please share yours too!

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